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The staff of 212 Environmental and our families attended the 2019 Hamilton County Adoption and Foster Care Services holiday party in December to benefit area kids in foster care. We were thrilled with Travina Adams and the staff from Hamilton County. We had such a meaningful experience that we wanted to share why we chose them as a charity to support this year and why we will be back again next year. Our hope is that others will join with us in supporting their efforts as well.


When we set out to choose a charity, we decided we wanted something that was going to have a direct impact on our local community, and we wanted to know that our donations would be used responsibly. We did not want to simply drop off a check. These are likely common goals for small businesses looking to partner with charities. Our offices are in a historical neighborhood in Cincinnati, so we started looking for a way to help a family in our community, which led us to Travina (the lovely lady in the white sweater in our photo). She was the person who made our inclusion in this amazing event possible.


Hamilton County hosts this event for young children and teenagers in adoptive and foster care services every year, and for many, this may be their only holiday celebration. Travina and her teammates not only wanted and needed our support, but they wanted us to interact with the kids. They did not want us to simply donate money. They wanted us to share in the joy of giving. Everyone at 212 agrees that we got more out of supporting the kids than we actually gave.


The event at the Cintas Center included jugglers, magicians, games, a photo booth and more. It was well run with a fun atmosphere for everyone involved. Below is a link to the foundation that Hamilton County has established to get funds directly to the kids in foster care (something that was very important to us). We encourage any of our fellow Cincinnati small business leaders who are looking for a local charity this time of year, to support this cause. We plan to support this event again next year, and hope to see many of you there as well.


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